Who am I and why am I here?

Wow, those two questions haunt all of us at one point in our lives, don’t they? I think I started asking myself those questions when I was a teenager, probably around the age of 14. I remember having long philosophical conversations with my mother and my friends on those two themes, many times throughout my life. But this blog isn’t meant to be deeply philosophical. At least not yet. This blog is about what makes me happy. And maybe making myself happy may help you, the reader, to be happy too. Just a little bit. And I like sharing. Sharing happiness is a good thing. Right?

Who am I? Well, in the real world, I am a 50 year old mother, grandmother, daughter, wife and friend, depending what role I am fulfilling. But that is all I am going to say about that, for now.

In my fantasy life, I am a 40-to-50-ish year old woman, living in early 11th century England. I, Lady Leofwyn, am of Anglo-Saxon decent, living in the town of Wytleseie. My lord and husband (Alan in both worlds), is an archer/farmer/merchant/jack-of-all-trades. We own a small estate or perhaps large farm, with a number of tenants for whom we are responsible.

Why am I here? I want to share my adventures. Mostly the medieval adventures, but perhaps some modern adventures too. I want to share my hobbies. I want to find inspiration and maybe inspire you in the process. And maybe, I will make both of us a little bit happier, for the moment that we are together. You are most welcome to join me.

Yours in service,

Lady Leofwyn of Wytleseie


Published by

Lady Leofwyn

I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. I enjoy re-creating history, sewing clothing of that time period, cooking historical food and feasts, (as well as modern), drawing, singing, and archery.

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